Vitamin Sea

11th of May, 2017.

Good times with good people. I want something just like this. More adventures to come! ☀️🌴

Thanks @musixmatch for letting me create this beautiful card 💕


Browser wars

Admit it or not, we are now becoming dependent on the Internet. No matter what we do, no matter where we go, it is always with us. Complicated things get simpler, access of data and information is much faster than going into the library and face millions of books, and life gets much better. As we are fond of getting the most out of the Internet’s advantages, are we still aware of how, where, and when did it started? Take a look at this documentary.

The True Story of the Internet: Browser Wars

It started with a simple kind of browser called Mosaic. From this, several companies also started to make their own commercial browsers. Two of these famous companies were Netscape and Microsoft. As Mosaic sold its licensing rights to them, the war on browsers began. Netscape was on the top when its dominance made a disturbance on the Microsoft team. Bill Gates did everything to match or surpass Netscape by adding a number of employees and exerted a lot of effort into its web program development.

As time passed by, several versions and upgrades were born. There were Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. Sure, the war between Microsoft and Netscape has ended; one succeed and the other failed. However, with the continuing progress on the development of different web browsers, the true battle has just begun.

My Life with IT

It is an undeniable fact that today’s generation has already been dominated by the modern technology. Through this, we are able to play games on our mobile gadgets, watch movies and listen to music anytime, anywhere. With social media, we can sell or buy stuff online, and update everyone on our life events. Basically, it makes work a lot simpler and faster.

Technology really helps me in so many ways. It gives me access to gain more information on a certain topic or issue, and acquire new and interesting facts, from reliable sources, of course. Also, carrying those big bulky books is quite wearying, right? Thanks to E-books, I feel like I’m already carrying a whole library with me. 😁

Social media is also my way of communicating with other people. My parents are working far from us but we still manage to maintain our relationship through video calls. It helps me stay in touch with them even when they’re across the country. With technology, I also get to establish connections with other people and share my interests, thoughts, and stories with them. (Take this blog as an example)

These are just some ways on how technology has improved my life. I am just truly amazed by the fact that it makes things possible and much better than before. I just hope that this technology today would still have a positive effect in the future generations. 😊